Why has 'Egiye Bangla' been created?

Today, with a growing population of employable youth and the need to create more job opportunities, the call of the hour in India, and particularly in West Bengal, is to help develop more and more successful entrepreneurs. Over the last 3 years, the West Bengal Government has taken a number of innovative initiatives to support entrepreneurship development in the state, and "Egiye Bangla' is the most ambitious project in line with these initiatives - to identify the promising entrepreneurs of Bengal, and create appropriate recognition, reward and support for them.

India in general, and West Bengal in particular, face a number of developmental challenges, and one key area where added impetus would result in positive societal outcomes is entrepreneurship development. There have been a number of initiatives over the last few years to strengthen the entrepreneurship development ecosystem in West Bengal, driven by the Department of MSME&T, with active support of other government departments, IIM Calcutta, NIESBUD, TiE, Industry Associations & others to address this issue. Such initiatives have a number of socio-economic benefits including creating employment, economic growth, social progress, local self-sufficiency and arresting migration of jobs & workers.

It is hoped that 'Egiye Bangla' will be a bold, innovative, ambitious and impactful initiative to help build and sustain a conducive social & economic environment for developing entrepreneurship in Bengal. It aims to create greater social acceptance, recognition and aspirational value for entrepreneurship across the whole state of West Bengal. This in turn is expected to help create a state-wide societal culture that accepts and appreciates entrepreneurs, making it easier for promising potential entrepreneurs to get family backing and community support in their journey towards entrepreneurial success.

Egiye Bangla

'Egiye Bangla' is a unique Contest-cum-TV Reality Show for start ups (aspiring and recent entrepreneurs) based in West Bengal to showcase their unique business ideas and get a chance to win recognition, rewards, and support for their business.

The MSME&T Department, Government of West Bengal, in partnership with IIM Calcutta Innovation Park, has launched 'Egiye Bangla', an entrepreneurship TV reality show. This contest-cum-show would identify, recognize & reward aspiring and early-stage entrepreneurs having unique innovative start up ideas across all sectors. Through this TV show, the state desires to seek entrepreneurs with bright ideas, who, with little help and recognition, may become successful entrepreneurs, creating wealth and employment opportunities within the state of West Bengal.

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