WHO is eligible to participate?

'Egiye Bangla' endeavours to find Bengal's most promising early stage entrepreneurs. The objective is to reach out to all early-stage & potential entrepreneurs who wish to set up their enterprises in West Bengal. It is a contest for new entrepreneurs of Bengal, culminating in a TV Reality Show, that will recognise and reward the most promising business ideas among them. The contest is open to aspiring (about to set up) or recent (set up within last 3 years) entrepreneurs who are starting or have started their business in Bengal.

Specifically, the eligibility criteria for contestants are:

  • Entrepreneurs who have an early stage venture (set up not earlier than 1st September 2012) or have a promising idea with a plan and prototype / working model / proof of concept.
  • The applicant must have the principal business unit (for existing businesses) or proposes to set up principal business unit (for those who have not yet started operations) in West Bengal.
  • The business plan or the early stage venture should not be an extension of the applicant's family business or backward / forward integration with any existing business.
  • The venture or the plan should have a determinable revenue model.
  • There is no restriction on the age or background of applicants.
  • The applicant should be able to verbally communicate in Bengali / Hindi/ English.
  • The plan / venture should not belong to following industries- alcohol, tobacco, gambling, firearms and explosives.
  • The entrepreneur(s) should not be members of the Organizing Team or any of its partner Teams directly involved in the contest, or their immediate family members(parent, sibling, spouse or child).

How to Apply

Participants must first REGISTER online (on this website) their intention to participate and fill in basic details, whereupon they will get a unique registration Number, which they have to use to apply (again online, on this website) with all requisite details.

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